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Native American Gallery
--- Page 4 ---

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All Dreamcatchers are made from all natural materials, i.e. deer hide or pigskin wrap covering the iron ore ring (our choice); all pieces in the web are either wood, shell or bone. The Pony Beads are the only artificial components. The iron ring is covered by the wrap in your choice of colors: Pink, White, Burgandy, Rust, Crème, Black, Teal, Brown, Navy, Pale Blue, Dark Green, Golden Tan or Purple. Pricing is based on the frame diameter you desire - from 3" to 19" at $2.25/Inch

  (NA02003) -- 3" Dia. for $6.75 (plus S&H)

  (NA02004) -- 4" Dia. for $9.00 (plus S&H)

  (NA02005) -- 5" Dia. for $11.25 (plus S&H)

  (NA02006) -- 6" Dia. for $13.50 (plus S&H)

  (NA02007) -- 7" Dia. for $15.75 (plus S&H)

  (NA02008) -- 8" Dia. for $18.00 (plus S&H)

  (NA02009) -- 9" Dia. for $20.25 (plus S&H)

  (NA020010) -- 10" Dia. for $22.50 (plus S&H)

  (NA020012) -- 12" Dia. for $27.00 (plus S&H)

  (NA020014) -- 14" Dia. for $31.50 (plus S&H)

  (NA020016) -- 16" Dia. for $36.00 (plus S&H)

  (NA020018) -- 18" Dia. for $40.50 (plus S&H)

  (NA020019) -- 19" Dia. for $42.75 (plus S&H)

Native Wedding Jug
This vase was a special order for a wedding present. The design was chosen from Southwestern Tribal Art. Colors and designs of your choice (designs may vary each are hand painted) -- The Wedding Jug shown was $30 - Call us for quote.
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